Why use Gamefilm?

We are a society that is visually dominant. Seeing is believing. When we are able to review our opportunities for improvement in a reality-based format, there is much more ownership of the improvement by the individuals involved. By removing the he-said, she-said from our evaluations and adding our mystery shopper videos, we are able to get immediately to the areas for improvement and begin to apply the necessary optimizations.

It is important to remember that our quality shopper video evaluations are training tools, not a gotcha tool. Our coaching mindset should be akin to those of professional athletes – that is, throughout our careers, we can get better and adjust our game continuously to improve.

Watch the action unfold.

Working with your team, we will create a unique scorecard based on your customer experience objectives. This scorecard serves as the baseline for what’s measured throughout the organization and on every recording you receive. GameFilm® for Business videos are available 24/7 and from any location through online streaming, as well as supported by full reporting capabilities from your GameFilm® for Business online dashboard. With GameFilm®, you are now able to watch your employees’ interactions from your customers’ point of view. With these insights, you can make the necessary adjustments to improve where your customer service can be improved. Ultimately, this will allow your business to drive more revenue through your stores.

The GameFilm® video mystery shopping process is a start-to-finish training program. Our superior video mystery shoppers are highly-trained professionals, not independent contractors, and their goal is to equip you with the highest quality film possible of your customers’ interactions with employees. Along with the mystery shopping video, you will receive customized playbooks on how to consistently coach your team to the film, online access at every level to view your film from any location and at any time of day, as well as reporting statistics to easily measure results. GameFilm® for Business truly is the number one customer experience training tool in the world. To make the process even simpler, your GameFilm® results have been integrated with the same online dashboard as all of your other GameFilm® for Business products. This allows you to keep your important data in one central location.

100% Reliable, Objective, and Actionable Data

GameFilm® for Business founded video mystery shopping 23 years ago in order to provide companies a way to monitor their customers’ experience from their unique point of view. Over time, we have only gotten better at it and provide the most in-depth perspective on how to improve your customer service with GameFilm®. Featured on media outlets such as The New York Times and Good Morning America, the debut of GameFilm® represented a true milestone in mystery shopping and customer experience history. It changed the “game,” so-to-speak, and it continues to do so today.

Just as high-level athletes use game film to improve their performance, your customer service can benefit from a similar approach. Because seriously, is there any better way to grade your employees’ performance than to watch it through the eyes of your customers? We certainly don’t think so, and that’s why we offer GameFilm® for Business, the original video mystery shopping program.