The Value in Video Mystery Shopping

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The Value in Video Mystery Shopping

Most of the feedback collected from mystery shoppers rely solely on the shopper’s personal ability to recall memories. Of course, someone is going to remember an extremely positive experience or an extremely negative experience, but what about everything in between? As a business, you want to improve all facets of the customer service experience. Here are a few ways in which video mystery shopping can add value to your business and brand.

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1. Seeing is Believing

The problem with traditional mystery shopping is that there is plenty of room for an inaccurate recall of a shopping experience. The time in which the experience happens and the surveys are completed could be anywhere from hours to even days in between. Most people will remember how they felt during the peak of the experience and how they felt after it was finished. This means that what happens in between is totally on the shopper and the business.

2. Reduce Error

Eye witness error is extremely common among individuals. Even someone with the best memory is subject to forgetting important details or mixing details up. The ability to create false memories is not only easy but common as well. With video mystery shopping there is no error in memory as it is all on video.

3. Reduce Personal Bias

Everyone has a personal bias against one thing or another for reasons sometimes unknown to themselves. However, when it comes to collecting and analyzing personal shopper’s data, it is imperative that there are zero personal biases present. Video allows for a third party to view an interaction without bias from either of the people interacting.

4. Video For Training

The best part about video mystery shopping is that businesses can use it to train employees. Training with  information from regular  mystery shops can be more difficult.  With video, you can see the actions happening, while written you only have responses to go on.  Traditional data collection of mystery shopping surveys can take hours or even days, ultimately leaving plenty of room for error. With data being nearly instantly available, businesses can improve their practices faster than ever.

The value of video mystery shopping is undeniable. With RBG, businesses can now provide an out of this world customer experience unmatched by any other business in their field. RBG is a customer service expert who specializes in improving the total customer experience. Learn more about how our retail mystery shopping programs or our video mystery shopping programs can improve your business today.